Time to Get Serious

Last week, I got news that Pat had a Bell’s Palsy stroke, a stroke that affects one side of the face. It resolves  shortly after but it is brought on by stress. Being on Death Row definitely qualifies for stress. Seeing people die that you encounter on day to day basis…I don’t know how to deal with that sort of psychological trauma. The mental breakdown and understanding that one day, that is supposed to be you…how do you cope with that?


Everything is now into a different perspective. I have depended on my instincts, intuition and divine signs to guide me with all things regarding this case up til now. Following said signs, this development in Pat’s health, is a reminder to me that the time is now to do whatever needs to be done. Pat has a new attorney and investigator. He feels more hopeful about this legal staff.  Maybe, just maybe, there is someone willing to actually look at the case….I pray that is the case. 


In the meantime I am putting my research on high speed. I want to have all my ducks in a row to give this case the kick in the ass it has needed.