~~~Victims Without Voices~~~

I started a kickstarter campaign to help people who have been victimized but no justice has prevailed. People like Shauna Newell who was sold to a man in Texas after being drugged, raped and beaten. She was 16. No one went to jail for that crime. Years later, Sheriff Morgan personally took her clothes into custody. They have yet to be logged into evidence. The Sheriff was seen taking the clothes and putting them in his trunk. Nothing has been done to help this young lady or provide her justice.

Josh Whittier was murdered in Navarre in 2007. Because one of his assailants was the brother of a Santa Rosa Sheriff, no arrests were made and the probable homicide by all law enforcement trained professionals was ruled an accidental drowning. Josh’s clothes and phone were not wet despite the fact he was found on the beach.  Sand was embedded in his eyes and drag marks from further toward the shore were present, but never looked at. The kids that were with him know he was murdered. No one was arrested.

Josh Whittier, his mom, Melody and sister Hannah
Mark Smith

Gavin Clarke has been missing for years. His mother reported him missing to Stephen Cappas of the Escambia County Sheriff’s office and was told a case was started. Mike Cancienne, Gavin’s father and Michelle’s ex, had custody of him after Michelle suffered major medical issues in a car accident that killed her daughter. Michelle found out that Mike was sexually abusing her son, while he lived with a Escambia County Sheriff’s Senior Deputy. When Michelle called the police to come out and investigate, Mark Smith and Walter Thomas responded to the call. Both men have sense been arrested as sexual predators against kids. Senior Deputy Mark Smith who was living with Michelle’s ex who had custody told her he “took” her kid, meaning sexually. He attempted to rape Michelle.

Michelle & Gavin Clarke

When she called Stephen Cappas about finding her son and what she found out about Smith and Gavin’s father, Cappas insisted he was investigating all of this. Months later, it came to light that no report was ever made of any of these events. Michelle called DCF to help find her son. DCF contacted Investigator Cappas, who reported the boy was never missing and that Michelle’s claims were baseless. They refused to follow up.

Stephen Cappas

Michelle followed up on a lead from a friend that had seen Gavin in the parking lot of Sammy’s on Gregory Street. He was in Mike Cancienne’s truck. The manager reported that Gavin was being forced to perform oral sex on Cancienne when he ran him out of his parking lot. Another source told Michelle, Gavin’s neck was broken while forcibly held, performing oral sex on a stranger. He was 5 years old.

Gary Clarke

To date, Gavin Clarke is not registered in any school; he is not in the DCF system and he is not in cute family portrait Mike Cancienne has with his new family.
Cancienne’s mother confided in Michelle that her son was a molester as was Mike’s father, Gavin’s grandfather. She later passed away. Mike nor his father attended her funeral. Gavin Clarke is no where to be found.

These stories are consistent with the recent arrest of ECSO’s deputies who sexually molested 3 young girls. Chief Deputy Eric Haines, as previously reported, claims there is no evidence against the deputies, despite arrest reports that show there is VIDEO of  events. Currently Mark Smith is untethered, traveling to see his teenage daughter out of state without issue. He also has access to other deputies foster children.

“There are no, as in zero, videos of any deputies, including the two who were arrested with the underage girls. There are not even pictures documenting any illegal activity. No one including the girls themselves have accused any other deputies of any other illegal activity. I know you believe there is and have been told there is but it is not true. This truth will come out in trial”–Chief Deputy Eric Haines 10/4/15, 7:33am

Also according to Chief Deputy Haines, I am the one who is out of line by telling these stories. He’s worried about the deputies reputation, even though there is a pattern of behavior that is clear. He has no concern for Gavin Clarke, or the 3 girls molested by Smith  nor the foster children who have been allowed to be in the same domicile as Smith. And forget about his own daughter and the fact he travels while being prosecuted as a sexual offender. Even State Attorney Erin Ambrose knew Smith

had access to children. Her charge was to represent the girls molested by Smith. Her fiance is a deputy as is his sister-in-law.  So many people just don’t care that they are putting a monster into proximity of his chosen prey. They are all professionals in the community and give their fellow employees bad reputations because State Attornies shouldn’t be fraternizing with predators they are suppose to be protecting the public from, nor are deputies who also swore to uphold the law.




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