Conjuring Justice

Proof that One Person Can Make a Difference

“Even if no actual bias results, the court nonetheless is concerned that your practice at a minimum gives the appearance of bias, which in our view seriously undermines the public’s confidence in the fair administration of justice.”


“You don’t have a law enforcement problem here you you’ve got a societal issue.”

Gerald Champagne, Attorney for Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Hired in 2010 at a rate of $35 per hour. Then in 2012, Mr. Champagne’s Salary jumped more than the 3% merit raise he received every year. His prior employment contract was replaced by this. Since then he’s jumped even more to this. As of last year, …

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This case has been close to my heart as a mother and a criminologist because I know the psychological damage that occurs when a child is sexually assaulted. Now factor in the fact the kids’ mother put them in a situation to be exploited by law enforcement. What does that tell the kid? Family can’t …

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So Sir David gives all this money to special interests in return for campaign contributions, but personally, he supports very little. In being valued at over $1 million last year, he and Susan gave away $4600 in charitable donations. This year, so far, they paid off $92K on their home. Where is all this money …

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