Guest Husband Post

As a former resident it is easy to dismiss the things that go on in Escambia County, due to the distance. Yes, even with my dear wife being the author of this blog. I hear the conversations throughout the day and night, including many calls from Chief Simmons. I see the messages, emails and even letters. I am a sounding board at times. Most of the time, I am astounded but just disconnected. While always amazed and so proud of my wife’s diligence and concern. Occasionally, the pieces of trash that are considered the leaders of the ECSO try and reach into my home. Yes, I am speaking about that pussy Sheriff Morgan, his bitch Chief Haynes and of course god forbid, the future Sheriff Simmons.

Today I saw some of the texts between Morgan and Haynes trying to find a way to create a reason to arrest my wife. Its time like that as a loving husband I get pissed!

Just want everyone to understand a few things about my wife. She is a stay at home mother, due to her suffering from MS. She has good and bad days, but throughout it all she is on her phone trying to help people and the community that she grew up in. Trust me, her dedication is intense. Because of that dedication, the corrupt Sheriff is trying to frame a potentially disabled mother and wife. He would like to have my wife jailed because he is a piece of trash.

What’s amazing is that these so-called law enforcement officers are so clueless about the law. Feeling that they could subpoena her as an out of state resident, then when she didn’t show up have her arrested. These are the brain trusts that oversee the ECSO. WOW!!!

There are days that my dear wife has her hopes up that something will finally take down Morgan or one of his stooges. Hell, we were honestly hoping Morgan was going to die when the rumors of his travels to Europe for treatment arose. Our religiosity is challenged by the hypocritical Haynes continued existence, let alone the philandering Chief Chip. The prayers continue for justice against this threesome, asking for some extreme biblical justice to befall them.

But in the end, I just want to say FUCK YOU to Sherriff Morgan, Chief Haynes and Simmons.

3 thoughts on “Guest Husband Post

  1. Chris, you are a hidden hero in all of this. Thank you for rock solid supporting Jimmie through years and years of this. This post is why it is SUCH a joke when that psychopath Underhill tries to get it going that Jimmie is involved in the Billings case because she “fell in love” with Pat Gonzalez.

    Folks, I’ve met Chris, and if anybody has ANY delusions or hopes that she doesn’t have rock solid support on this from the home front, did you here the huge POOOOOOF on that with this post?

    I hate gender oriented crap. I am not one of those women who think that if this world were ruled by women it would be a better place. So the opposite of that feminist adage that “behind every great man is a strong woman” is the equal truth that behind every great woman is a strong man.

    This is what a strong man looks like, folks. Never needing to get into it, never asking Jimmie to just quit, never thinking about not supporting her completely in her endeavors. Just quietly offering unconditional support and love in the background, and doing what he can to make sure she can get done what she needs to get done.

    How opposite from how this sheriff’s department views women. They even degraded our new County Administrator in a text for being female. Apparently the only women they have use for are those who are willing to lie for them or consider themselves their “creature.” I’ve never seen such a bunch of pussies in my life.

    The *only* thing I would quibble with, Chris, and I have voiced this to Jimmie, is that I do not see anything in the texts yet that will come down to collusion with Chip. Yeah, it frustrates the hell out of me that he seems to have allowed them to drop the ball on investigations. You could say this is a case of “lie down with dogs and you’ll get fleas.” I still believe that Chip is doing the best he can in a den of thieves. Right now, there is a cruiser parked outside the house that got shot up on Navy Point Sunday night, and I can guarantee you there is ZERO way that would have happened without his help.

    But back to you and Jimmie, Chris. This community will probably never realize what you guys have sacrified. People just have no idea the wear and tear. And even worse are the people who know it, so they do nothing and stay silent.

    Love you guys. Maybe this is the beginning of the end. Please make sure that Eddins and Marcille have copies of those texts.

    –Melissa Pino


  2. The text with the red van pictures and LT and sheriff covering it up should get Patrick Gonzales Jr a second chance. Thank you for your dedication and for seeking the truth. Hi Chris thanks for the guest post Truth one person can make a difference. Bearer of light in the darkness. May you be blessed.


  3. Love you guys fir all you do. Jimmie you are a true gladiator. Chris should something happen with Jimmie, ie; morgan and his goonies. Please let me know.


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