Conjuring Justice

Proof that One Person Can Make a Difference

This is a blog about justice.


If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

My name is Jimmie Lee Staley; I am a Southern woman with a mind of my own. When I was a kid, my dad used to ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I told him I wanted to change the world.   I have to admit I wasted a few years running the stereotypical rat race but I am done with that. I believe we should all be trying to make this world a better place.  I am currently on a mission to expose governmental misconduct and save a man’s life.  There is always something that can be done. I am proof of that. One person can make a difference.




23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. maggie simi says:

    dont forget Gods justice!


    1. I do believe in God’s justice, but how do you explain this “junk” justice to 3 kids who believe the media’s portrayal that their father is a murderer?


  2. maggie says:

    If you dont mind my ignorance,i was reading about,billings murder! which guy is innocent?


    1. That’s the question–who is innocent? There is proof that Leonard “Patrick” Gonzalez Jr. is NOT the shooter. He believes if he was wrongly the possibility of others being innocent is plausible as well. He was with Gary Sumner shortly before the crime occurred about 25 miles away. He theorizes that Gary couldn’t have gotten from point A to point B in time to commit the crime.


  3. maggie says:

    Ty for responding! Im sad for himbecause it sure,does,sound like him and look like him on the video in the home!


    1. Thank you for your prayers, however, when one watches what there is of the video, you cannot make out very much. However, after the FBI enhancement, the family got a court order to not show the actual murders. So a computer simulation of the real video was produced for the press. That simulation sanctioned by the FBI & FDLE is baffling. It doesn’t show 1 shooter as the prosecutor claims; it shows 3. The way the crime was vs what people are told is completely different. The police say Patrick, a lefty, who is martial arts trained did not use his honed abilities, was supposed to be the ONLY shooter who used a 9mm to fire a number of shots into the victims. The video shows 3 men, 2 lefties & a righty entering the home. The righty has a 9 mm; the lefties have long guns, probably rifles. They all randomly shoot the couple. The entire theory of the crime is blown based on the video which was released and shown to mass population but after you watch that, then listen to the police, you come away scratching your head? How are both possible?


  4. maggie says:

    I. sorry the video i remember seeing had people and little girl hiding in bed after,looking out window etc! I know theres more to this than i know and more out there guilty,,but ones in there in jail now are also guilty! imo


    1. Then this blog may not be for you. I am on a mission to prove that statement wrong.


      1. G.R. Johnson says:

        That’s just stupid on previously paralleled levels. Grow up.


      2. Gary, c’mon, you gotta stop drinking and posting. You look like an imbecile.


  5. maggie says:

    ty i respect your opinion! gl


  6. I just came across your blog. I am currently in school for criminal justice because I have seen the corruption in the judicial system in both counties, as well as across the United States. I was also a victim in a stalking case that ECSO tried to keep covered up. Thank you for sharing. There is always more beyond the media. Government agencies control what in put in the media because citizens are too lazy to into facts and question.


  7. Jennifer H says:

    Sorry, I am wanting the writer of this blog to contact me. I mistakenly thought the writer was Maggie. Can the writer please contact me ASAP?


  8. I am on the same mission as you. Nice to see another blog about local government corruption. I suppose every County in every State has something they are hiding. When it comes to causing intentional harm to another human being I cannot stay silent.


  9. Hellana says:

    What courage. Thank you for being so brave.


  10. stacy hardwicke says:

    I would love to share our experience with Bill Eddins office. I now have proof that and would love to share evidence of tampering with evidence that was done by assistant state attorney.


  11. Anthony Angell says:

    Someone needs to look into policy violations committed by Eric Haines. SOP for the Sheriff’s Office states no car seats in county vehicles! I tried to enforce the SOP and was terminated during my probationary period!


    1. There is no protocol on anything. If you rock the boat, you are out. If they like you, you can get away with murder—literally. Didn’t you work on Eric’s personal vehicle?


  12. d says:

    i have been stalked bullied and harassed by a few higer ups at the escambia county sheriffs office.. i have lots of proof but dont have a clue who i can trust or who i can talk to about getting my peace of mind back , my privacy back, my joy has been gone for over a year. i dont know how much longer I will be able to take the abuse the outting the black balling the horrible back lash from the community as a result of the things said and done by an officer that is right next to Morgan in rank. help me or tell me who to call for some help.


    1. Call me or email me. 270-234-6423. I will do whatever I can


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