Sheriff Morgan: ECSO Dropped the Ball in Crucial Hours of Naomi Jones Search

According to WALA and other news outlets, Naomi was likely killed 24-36 hours after her abduction, which would be June 1 into June 2.  As previously stated, the ECSO found it more important to haul Naomi’s mother to jail for non-violent, non-drug charges than it was to start the appropriate investigation into the girl’s disappearance.

“Very early on in this case, after not that many hours, it was determined that we were not making the progress we thought we should for that initial checklist. Not to state the obvious but at this point, it was time to call in the cavalry.”- Sheriff David Morgan, June 5, 2017

So from the horse’s mouth, this could be a death that should not have happened to one of the children of Escambia County. The crucial and now known, only time to rescue Naomi was squandered.  Is this ok with everybody???

Sources inside the ECSO confided that Naomi had been sexually active; however they were not sure if it was forcibly. The theory originally was that someone close to the girl had killed her in a sexual encounter. It has since been released that the people in close proximity to the girl originally suspected of the crime have been cleared.

In a classic Morgan moment another clever statement to the press  after the little girl was found:

“I don’t care why, you killed one of my citizens, that’s all I care about. I will leave the why to the psychologists and the scriptwriters.”

NOW, that the feds have deemed it necessary to know WHY someone would kill this little girl,  maybe some headway can be made.

It is my sincere hope that this does not lead to the undercurrent of sex trafficking that has exists in Pensacola and surrounding areas. Despite having names, faces, DNA and exact addresses of the people who coordinated Shauna Newell’s kidnapping, and selling into this web, ECSO made NO ARRESTS.

Authorities in Florida labeled Shauna Newell a runaway. She was found before she could be sold by efforts of her mother, Lisa Brant, and siblings who canvassed the street of Pensacola until they found her, with no help from the authorities.

This is an excerpt from a human trafficking article out of Las Vegas that has similar circumstances as Shauna’s.  When Sheriff Morgan met with Shauna in 2009 after he came into office, Shauna ENTRUSTED him with her clothes from the incidence. They had not been collected at the time of the crime and were sealed in a bag ever since she left Sacred Heart the night she was recovered.  Morgan told Shauna that he wanted to get these bastards and get some justice for her. The young lady trusted that the top law enforcement official was being genuine in his offer to help. However, Morgan was seen taking said bag and putting it in the trunk of his cruiser. The clothes were never processed and Morgan claims that Shauna never gave him her clothes. UNCONSCIONABLE!

Danielle Bell

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Despite vanishing after a party in 2001, the fact she was stalked by one man and possibly pregnant my another man (not boy), Danielle Bell is still listed as a runaway.  Danielle was 17 in 2001. The man she was seeing and possibly the father of her unborn child, was convicted of lewd and lascivious behavior for his sexual contact with Danielle. The family told news outlets that the ECSO lost interest a long time ago. Today, no one is looking for Danielle.


But there are others in the Milton-Pensacola area that didn’t get the command performance by Sir David & his minion Chip.

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VMO 2016 #1 Conspiracy to cover up human trafficking

Disclaimer: This is going to be a quasi-organized campaign that I will attempt to do in a chronological order from 2009- present day. However, this is a work in progress and it never fails to surprise me the things this administration has done over the years. New things crop up all the time.



This is a story I recently covered from 2007 (McNesby/Eddins time). Shauna Newell, a 16 year old girl was kidnapped, drugged, brutally raped by multiple times, and was sold on the internet in a human trafficking ring. How can no arrests be made with all the physical evidence, emails and names of the offenders? There is a paper trail. There are names of the attackers given as well as a thoroughly documented rape kit. NOT ONE PERSON WAS EVER ARRESTED. This is a crime that was gift wrapped with a bow on top yet the Morgan/Eddins/McNesby team could not get justice for a 16 year old girl. If they won’t protect her, why on God’s green Earth would they protect you?

Why You Should Be Concerned Sex Offenders in Escambia County

EDITORIAL: I do not surprise easily, especially when it comes to Sir David; however, I am feeling the physically repulsive & abhorrent abasement this man imposes on this county that he is sworn to protect and serve. I realize some people will read this & chalk it up for my utter disdain for the man but this is merely another story brought to my doorstep that I cannot overlook as an active participant in the human race. This is not just another jab at Ye Olde Sheriff. This unfortunately is true. 

They could be sitting next to you right now. You may have just talked to them. They may have been to your home for dinner and had the manners of Southern gentility with no hint of anything sinister covered by this guise. You may have known them for years and years. You see their faces; they don’t look like “sex offenders” or “pedophiles”. They aren’t always male. If you’ve watched “Criminal Minds”, you have seen that sometimes there are females–girls–used to bait the victim–to make them feel safe. They may look like these people.

They don’t look harmful, do they? Yet each one has been identified as either an accessory to human trafficking for commercial sexual activity, kidnapping and rape.

Notice I didn’t say they were charged, arrested or convicted for those crimes, because they weren’t but each of them has been identified to Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan, yet their names do not appear in any report. Curious.

When Sheriff Morgan first took office in 2008, HE contacted a Pensacola resident, a young girl who had been kidnapped, drugged, raped & sold in 2006. No arrest was ever made in her case despite her biological evidence, all the physical evidence taken by Sacred Heart Hospital and a detailed account of the people who led her into the house where her nightmare began. No one was interviewed even.

So Sheriff Morgan takes it upon himself to contact this young lady, as her case was nationally broadcast, to sit down and review her case and possibly get some justice for the this young woman. The prior Sheriff, Ron McNesby, only had charges of rape against Shauna’s offenders. The statute of limitations on just rape is 5 years.  Sheriff Morgan was concerned about the statute of limitations passing without getting justice for her. He persuaded her to come into the ECSO. 

Taking Sheriff Morgan’s request in earnest and on face value, this young lady and a friend ventured to the ECSO. Accordingly, she recounted, in great detail, the crimes committed against her, which were substantiated by the photos and lab work taken 2 years prior. She pointed out that the names of the people who conspired, and schemed to victimize her had not been followed up. Sheriff Morgan sympathetically listened and took notes. After much persuasion, this young lady reluctantly turned over the clothes she had worn when she was kidnapped. They hadn’t been collected when she was processed at Sacred Heart nor did the first investigators ask for them. She was smart enough to preserve her clothes in a sealed bag–just in case–there was ever a question or problem with the prosecuting her offenders. She, this young lady, an Escambia County resident, gave the bag to Sheriff Morgan, believing him to be genuinely sympathetic to what happened to her. She entrusted the most powerful law enforcement official in Escambia County with the entirety of her being to apprehend the duplicitous people who had victimized her and were walking free. 

Before she left the ECSO, Sheriff Morgan was then witnessed to taking the sealed bag given him, by a member of his constituency who was brutally victimized, and putting it in the trunk of his squad car. How could this be? Why would he do such a thing? This young lady asked just those questions. She was told no one knew anything about those clothes. They have never been logged into evidence. As part of her therapy, her rape counselor who specializes these cases, requested a copy of the Sheriff’s report from the day the young lady spoke with Sheriff Morgan to verify the details she told him had been accurately accounted for and to understand her case. To her surprise, the details were absent. The report was less than informative. It minimized the incident to more of a frivolous claim.  Kidnapped. Drugged. Raped. SOLD. Now, on paper, is reduced to virtually nothing.

There is a whole litany of questions to be asked. Why would a Sheriff take evidence turned over to him and remove it from the ECSO? Why would it not be logged into evidence? How could a man, a father and grandfather, look at a young lady, listen to her horrific account and intentionally destroy her only chance to get justice? What was his real motivation to have her come in? Was it to recoup the clothes?  Why ask her for all this with no proper report even being written on the encounter? What motives would a man with such power have for re-victimizing a young lady who had her entire life turned upside down once already?  What kind of person could be so incompetent, malicious or callous as to destroy such a strong case for a interstate human trafficking ring? 


~~~Victims Without Voices~~~

I started a kickstarter campaign to help people who have been victimized but no justice has prevailed. People like Shauna Newell who was sold to a man in Texas after being drugged, raped and beaten. She was 16. No one went to jail for that crime. Years later, Sheriff Morgan personally took her clothes into custody. They have yet to be logged into evidence. The Sheriff was seen taking the clothes and putting them in his trunk. Nothing has been done to help this young lady or provide her justice.

Josh Whittier was murdered in Navarre in 2007. Because one of his assailants was the brother of a Santa Rosa Sheriff, no arrests were made and the probable homicide by all law enforcement trained professionals was ruled an accidental drowning. Josh’s clothes and phone were not wet despite the fact he was found on the beach.  Sand was embedded in his eyes and drag marks from further toward the shore were present, but never looked at. The kids that were with him know he was murdered. No one was arrested.

Josh Whittier, his mom, Melody and sister Hannah
Mark Smith

Gavin Clarke has been missing for years. His mother reported him missing to Stephen Cappas of the Escambia County Sheriff’s office and was told a case was started. Mike Cancienne, Gavin’s father and Michelle’s ex, had custody of him after Michelle suffered major medical issues in a car accident that killed her daughter. Michelle found out that Mike was sexually abusing her son, while he lived with a Escambia County Sheriff’s Senior Deputy. When Michelle called the police to come out and investigate, Mark Smith and Walter Thomas responded to the call. Both men have sense been arrested as sexual predators against kids. Senior Deputy Mark Smith who was living with Michelle’s ex who had custody told her he “took” her kid, meaning sexually. He attempted to rape Michelle.

Michelle & Gavin Clarke

When she called Stephen Cappas about finding her son and what she found out about Smith and Gavin’s father, Cappas insisted he was investigating all of this. Months later, it came to light that no report was ever made of any of these events. Michelle called DCF to help find her son. DCF contacted Investigator Cappas, who reported the boy was never missing and that Michelle’s claims were baseless. They refused to follow up.

Stephen Cappas

Michelle followed up on a lead from a friend that had seen Gavin in the parking lot of Sammy’s on Gregory Street. He was in Mike Cancienne’s truck. The manager reported that Gavin was being forced to perform oral sex on Cancienne when he ran him out of his parking lot. Another source told Michelle, Gavin’s neck was broken while forcibly held, performing oral sex on a stranger. He was 5 years old.

Gary Clarke

To date, Gavin Clarke is not registered in any school; he is not in the DCF system and he is not in cute family portrait Mike Cancienne has with his new family.
Cancienne’s mother confided in Michelle that her son was a molester as was Mike’s father, Gavin’s grandfather. She later passed away. Mike nor his father attended her funeral. Gavin Clarke is no where to be found.

These stories are consistent with the recent arrest of ECSO’s deputies who sexually molested 3 young girls. Chief Deputy Eric Haines, as previously reported, claims there is no evidence against the deputies, despite arrest reports that show there is VIDEO of  events. Currently Mark Smith is untethered, traveling to see his teenage daughter out of state without issue. He also has access to other deputies foster children.

“There are no, as in zero, videos of any deputies, including the two who were arrested with the underage girls. There are not even pictures documenting any illegal activity. No one including the girls themselves have accused any other deputies of any other illegal activity. I know you believe there is and have been told there is but it is not true. This truth will come out in trial”–Chief Deputy Eric Haines 10/4/15, 7:33am

Also according to Chief Deputy Haines, I am the one who is out of line by telling these stories. He’s worried about the deputies reputation, even though there is a pattern of behavior that is clear. He has no concern for Gavin Clarke, or the 3 girls molested by Smith  nor the foster children who have been allowed to be in the same domicile as Smith. And forget about his own daughter and the fact he travels while being prosecuted as a sexual offender. Even State Attorney Erin Ambrose knew Smith

had access to children. Her charge was to represent the girls molested by Smith. Her fiance is a deputy as is his sister-in-law.  So many people just don’t care that they are putting a monster into proximity of his chosen prey. They are all professionals in the community and give their fellow employees bad reputations because State Attornies shouldn’t be fraternizing with predators they are suppose to be protecting the public from, nor are deputies who also swore to uphold the law.