Hello World, Meet Our Misinformed Sheriff!

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Pensacola, FL: Triple murder is a “witchcraft” murder. Sometimes, these posts just write themselves. Sir David has deemed this to be ritualistic, Wiccan, witchcraft, pagan or what have you due to the way the bodies were laid out in the time during the time of the “blue moon”. The timing of the blue moon is off because these people were murdered before the full moon and of course, because none of these groups have even fringe groups that kill people ritualistically. It seems that he was really trying to say “satanic” but because of how absurd that sounds, he relies on the people of Pensacola to believe it was witchcraft. More plausible I suppose. 

Other reasons not to believe this lie is that Richard Thomas Smith was a high level Homeland Security agent who was over IT and cyber-crimes. In Pensacola, there is probably 2 people who outrank him. Doug Underhill did a job fair for recruitment for this division on June 22, 2015 at New World Landing. I am sure he met Agent Smith. Also, according to sources on the inside of ECSO, a warrant presented to a judge for investigation of the scene described circumstances prior to the bodies being found. Agent Smith emailed his boss on Wednesday morning, July 29, 2015, to say he need 1/2 day off. Then another email was received that same afternoon saying he needed the whole day off. Finally that evening, the final email came in saying he would need Thursday off.

Now the question I have is why the emails? How did the killer know to email who he did? I am not an investigator but if there is evidence of a ritual killing, maybe it is staged that way to cover up something else. The level of violence, including the claw hammer suggests passion or a struggle. Neither of which are indicative of any sort of ritual. Not to mention that there has not been a true “ritualistic” killing in years. The last was the “satanic” scare of the 1990’s which has proven to be COMPLETELY untrue and a catch-all phrase for most murders where no clear motive is seen. When DNA and PROPER investigations took place, what do you know? No more satanic killings…NONE!

This is truly one of the best, most self-satisfying moments I had in a while. I bet all those who are politically tied to Morgan turn tail. Who wants to be connected with this marvel of authority? 

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