Thankfulness & Appreciation Series — Part 1

It’s November 16th, and a bit late to start giving thanks but better late than never.

I am thankful that I have the ability to do what I do. My family doesn’t always understand but nevertheless, I have the leeway to jump out on a limb for things I care about without condemnation.  Appreciation is taken for granted but I am beholden to my husband and family for letting me be me. Not they had much choice, because I am hard headed, but I don’t get much flack anymore.

The fact that anyone is reading this is amazing to me. I’m just a woman with a big mouth. I’ve never asserted my superiority over anyone; I just think the people in the positions of power should be held accountable. People go through their days everyday without knowing their decisions impact the lives of other people. Politicians should be more cognizant of this fact and they should be thankful everyday they can have the ability to change the world, but all too often, they lose sight of the big picture, seeing only the ass-kissers and their “yes” men who follow them blindly. This tunnel vision gives them the sense of invincibility and that carries with it such arrogance and it blurs the vision of the lines of right and wrong. It is the nature of politics. But that tunnel vision has be broken by people who see a bigger picture or who see the lines between right and wrong vaporizing.  Everybody agrees that if a cop shoots an innocent man, the cop should be held to the standard of anyone else–no special treatment, but when that same cop is smiling and shaking people’s hand and stealing from them, that’s just as wrong and anyone witnessing that has an obligation, a duty, to society and the greater good to say something. That is why I do what I do. I thank God for giving me the ability to do so.

The first thing I want to address in this series is a case that truly hurts my soul. Stephanie Todd. This beautiful, eccentric woman disappeared in February. In July, skeletal remains were found 75 ft from her back door that is presumably her. This is a mom with kids who faded into a oblivion one day after putting her kids on the bus. No missing person report was taken; no investigation into why. There are several possible explanations. 1. Stephanie wasn’t wealthy & lived in Brownsville 2. Stephanie was a vocal about local political corruption, particularly the crooked deputies at the ECSO. She’d had run ins with a couple which she was victimized due to her pissing off Sir David’s buddy, Mirza Ahmad.

But since the remains were found in July, steps from her back door, the assumption is the body is Stephanie’s. However, no one smelled the decomp. that should have been overwhelming being so close to her home and no one looked in the woods just beyond the back door of her home when she went missing. Months later, the cause of death of this body that is probably Stephanie is officially deemed suicide. Now that would seem to close the investigation of the case having decided that no crime occurred, but that is wrong.  The investigation is still “open” which is problematic for someone like me because that means they won’t release any information as a public record. So this case just withers while no one is verifying who the body is or why no one smelled the decomp or why my friend was never reported missing.

A person’s life is never supposed to be so easily erased without someone giving a shit, but this is a “misdemeanor homicide” in my opinion, suicide was the easy out in resolving it and to not have to put manpower into a real investigation. So today, I want to take time to be thankful that Stephanie Todd lived. She was an eccentric but wonderful woman that I miss very much.

Wherever you are Stephanie, someone still remembers you. Your story isn’t over yet.

4 thoughts on “Thankfulness & Appreciation Series — Part 1

  1. you go girl. Grrr I can not believe the degree of corruption in smaller populated county’s and cities. With no media running this stories, the public is being mislead as to who these crooks really are. They get reelected because they have no clue how far they will go in their self-serving goals. I can’t get anyone to even review my evidence. I am steady on the FBI to have a legitimate investigation. The local agent came to my home a few weeks ago, to review my evidence. When he got here he advised me that he didn’t need to review the evidence, he would just take notes of what I told him went on orally;. Who doesn’t know that anything not backed up by evidence is hearsay and not admissible in court. I was pissed off when he left, at that time he advised me my case is civil. My ass. The current county attorney and as officer for the Iowa division of criminal investigation both agree with me that this has long been past the point of a civil case. You give me the initiative to carry on. Thanks for that. I get so disappointed and depressed. I believe I should at least be compensated enough that I can leave the area so I don’t have to have it in my face everyday.


    1. Girl power! The truth is if every citizen did everything they should do as insignificant as it may seem at first, this world would be a better place. You and I have created attention that was above what we thought was possible. Although we are not there yet, you can’t beat someone that doesn’t give up. That is what will prevail. Rock on! You are truly a gladiator. Few of us can say that.

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  2. It’s not right, my mom was a beautiful person. We never went hungry, don’t get me wrong we had hard times, but she would never kill herself. I can promise you that. She loved us kids more than you can imagine. I have suspicions against the man she was with at the time. I could never come to term on why she loved him but she did. And he was a known drug user. He abused her any chance he got. So I think there’s something else at work her. I really just hope she’s in heaven, so I can see her when it my time to go.

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    1. In February, I talked to her late one night. Dixie your dog had been attacked. She said she was used as a bait dog. She was angry and crying. She wanted to go after some kids in the neighborhood. Plus numerous times she showed me security cameras that pick up what looked like Mirza. How come no one looked into that?

      She wasn’t someone I talked to her every day. She would go radio silent for a while. I thought that’s what happened. She told me about deputies robbing Jonathan I think. Took his money after he sold drugs. She was researching everything about stingrays (cell phone simulator used by law enforcement). She was convinced that robbery was strategic and with no arrests how do you justify going in the house?

      She definitely wasn’t one to kill herself. Never believed it. How did no one see her for so long? She was within sight of the back door according to some one in the press I know.


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