Really Dougie?

I wanted to take a minute to clear up some comments being spread like manure on a couple of random sites.  First up is Doug Underhill’s comment to a gentleman on Nextdoor.


Now I can’t see this normally because I’m not a member of this neighborhood forum, but thankfully someone who is a member forwarded it to me. So I would like to say “bravo” to Chad Swan for calling out Dougie. I also wanted to set the record straight, that even if I am “certifiably crazy”, so what? Does that make anything I said about him wrong? Does he even assert that I am wrong? No.  If that is the worst he can come up with,  that’s pretty weak.

Dougie, adults know that when one adult helps another adult, there doesn’t have to be any carnal longing. Maybe in your world that’s the way you see things but most people know men can help women and women can help me without there being any sexuality involvement.  Doing the right thing without anything to gain cannot be reduced to sexual affection. The two are not even on the same ethereal plane. As for my “hate” of Morgan, I wouldn’t use that word. “Hate” has an overly emotional connotation. I would use the word “antipathy” or “animus”.  What is someone suppose to think or feel about a real life evil person who victimizes people on the regular?

But the biggest irony of your statement, Dougie, is that your ad hominem attack directs the other guy to “try to stick to the facts”.  The fact is you are a dick and you treat people like shit. That was the discussion at hand. Focus, Dougie, you can’t accuse him of falling off the logic path when you are ass end over a tea kettle off the side of the road.

Your comments parrot the anonymous poster on LEO affairs. Most likely it is Eric Haines’s minion or perhaps Haines himself.  Either way I find infinitely amusing that you and he both ruminate on me. Funny, I really don’t think about you at all until your next big gaff  in pissing off your constituency.  The fact I’m in your grey matter, with all the shit you are juggling, and I do mean shit and the worst thing you can say about me is a lie, it pleases me to no end. It also validates the work I do.

In a back-handed way, you paid me a compliment. Please proceed to disparage me. It just proves me right.


3 thoughts on “Really Dougie?

  1. His lunacy grows apace, Jimmie. Laughed my ass of at this, as I’m sure your husband did.

    Here’s a question: why does Doug consider himself “an extension” of Sheriff Morgan? The crazy thing is he seems to truly believe that the only reason you despise him is because of some connection there (as if there weren’t enough other reasons to fill the world). What does he have in his mind when he says that you hate him “by extension”? I had thought that Sheriff Morgan and Eric Haines had broken with Doug entirely…at least, that has been the rumor for a long time. And then there was the text message from Haines stating that they were going to stay backed off of Doug for the time being because “he had said some nice things about the Sheriff.” Something to that effect…can’t remember the exact wording.

    Why on earth does Doug have the idea that Morgan still has his back? Morgan is not a stupid politician. The worst thing on earth he needs right now is for Doug to be seeding the idea that they are still allies.

    –Melissa Pino


  2. The comment sounds more like Wendy. She is uninformed about most issues and is known for being the bulldog. Your Feb. 2018 is a classic. The sexual reference is most likely projection.


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