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From the Horses’ Mouths….NO DIGNITY

“When things went wrong he destroyed their life and careers.”

Webster University Confirms No Degree

I previously posted about the National Student Clearinghouse reporting ┬áthat there was no record of David Morgan (Thelbert David Morgan) as being a graduate. In an effort to confirm or verify this information, I contacted Webster University directly. I spoke with Ms. Geraldine Lovejoy, yesterday April 11th, 2016. ┬áMs. Lovejoy confirmed that not only was…

Mr. Money, Sir David Morgan

So Sir David gives all this money to special interests in return for campaign contributions, but personally, he supports very little. In being valued at over $1 million last year, he and Susan gave away $4600 in charitable donations. This year, so far, they paid off $92K on their home. Where is all this money…