Conjuring Justice

Proof that One Person Can Make a Difference

Someone has to care …..


The crash in Beulah involving Deputy Hector Escajeda being removed from a burning vehicle made heroes out of the men who pulled him from a certain death. They are brave men to sure. However, Sheriff Morgan’s grandstanding for one of his own is pure fiction. Mr.Craig Morado’s valor is not in question. He went above …

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I previously posted about the National Student Clearinghouse reporting ┬áthat there was no record of David Morgan (Thelbert David Morgan) as being a graduate. In an effort to confirm or verify this information, I contacted Webster University directly. I spoke with Ms. Geraldine Lovejoy, yesterday April 11th, 2016. ┬áMs. Lovejoy confirmed that not only was …

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Gerald Champagne, Attorney for Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Hired in 2010 at a rate of $35 per hour. Then in 2012, Mr. Champagne’s Salary jumped more than the 3% merit raise he received every year. His prior employment contract was replaced by this. Since then he’s jumped even more to this. As of last year, …

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The malfeseance is that with all these children in their home, the Von Ansbach Youngs, all current or prior law enforcement professionals, allow a sex offender into their home.