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Political Retaliation, Pensacola Style

Pat yourself on the back now, Dougie; your stupid is showing.

Can You Hear That?

If you get real still you can hear it, the sound of the bellows coming from the Sheriff’s office. I have been “poking the bear” for a couple of weeks now. I started with Rick Outzen, David Morgan’s mouthpiece and his Public Records Officers.  Then with my article on PanhandlePolitico.com, “What is Wrong with Escambia…

What about Ethics?

  I was looking over a case Masters vs Gilmore, et.al.  It’s a case of a prosecutor’s misconduct. The beginning of the lawsuit cites the ethical canons of the office of prosecutor. I thought they would be interesting food for thought.  Canon 5 of the American Bar Association (“ABA”) Canons of Professional Ethics adopted in…