Escambia Kids Re-Victimized by State Attorney

sexual predatorThis case has been close to my heart as a mother and a criminologist because I know the psychological damage that occurs when a child is sexually assaulted. Now factor in the fact the kids’ mother put them in a situation to be exploited by law enforcement. What does that tell the kid? Family can’t be trusted to protect them and neither can the justice system. How dare Anne Patterson let Mark Smith get away with this. The man used his little girl to lure teenage girls in his home. He drugged and videotaped them as he raped them. Yet his charges have now been reduced from 3 counts to 1 and it isn’t even sexual battery; it is simple felony battery on a minor. In theory, since he plead not guilty and the video evidence is conveniently no longer available, Mark Smith could walk AND GET HIS BADGE BACK! WTF!!!!!!!

Escambia Clerk of the Circuit Court.clipular (18)

I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked. When I did the Erin Ambrose story, I found pictured of her with her friend the Honorable Judge Frydrychowicz. Of course, the pictures not to be found now but they are both runners in local events. Look for them together as well as the dirty deputies that Ms. Ambrose–excuse me–Mrs. VonAnsbach Young colludes with.

Everyone that reads this and that lives in Escambia County, I sincerely beg you to help the families of the young victims of the ECSO and now the State Attorney’s Office. Every child in Escambia County is now at risk of being exploited, molested, raped and ignored since this son of bitch is going to walk.  That’s not justice. If you ever wanted to help change your community, this is the opportunity for the citizens to take back the community from the good ole’ boys. VOTE MORGAN OUT 2016.  Call the State Attorney’s office…flood their office with calls asking them why they would do such a thing. Call the Sheriff, ask him why he helped a sexual predator go free. DO SOMETHING, I BEG YOU!


9 thoughts on “Escambia Kids Re-Victimized by State Attorney

  1. I really don’t believe mark gere smith did what those grils said he did
    he’s had Daughter s have own sound like girls make lied up on him They Need let him be
    Good luck mark gere smith pray for you and your family


  2. I don’t think. Mark gere Smith guilty I think hear other people talk. Let him have a life with daughter s and wife this happens 2015 Now 2017 Not guilty. He’s do it To those three grils he’s own daughter s. He’s didn’t do it to them let man have is K-9 job and badge back


  3. Considering he has two daughters that vouched for him on the stands saying that he didn’t do those things and that those girls made up the scenarios, and the fact that the girls TOLD THE DAUGHTERS that mark didn’t do anything and they were “kinda sorry they dragged him into all of this” seems to prove that he didn’t do any of those things. Also he did get his job back but because of the publicity this case got, he decided to leave to focus on bigger and better things were people like you wouldn’t believe the fictional stories of two children that simply wanted attention in a world were they were overshadowed.


    1. What about the 3rd girl? Cloud drive? Attempted rape of Michelle Clark? Psych eval of being unstable? C’mon there are so many reasons. Come back before you embarrass yourself. As for his daughters, God knows no pedophile EVER had daughters who lied for them. Please!!

      Look marks version is false, according to numerous deputies who actually saw the dvr footage, pre-altered, of course. They saw a good officer get demoted for insubordination when he failed to delete footage of Mark going down on an underaged girl who was unconscious, then penetrating her.

      Morgan and mark on a video doing things in Leah’s cloud drive sex tapes. Go back to your hole in the ground.


      1. I just find it amusing how easily people like you will believe anything you hear as opposed to someone like me that has actually been there in person for the entire thing, heard all the stories by all the people, and interviewed a few of them myself. Now it’s all fine and good that you think you know what you’re doing, but maybe if you could do it without trying to ruin innocent people’s lives you might have a better audience.
        Tell me how mark has never had any accusations before this accusation or after, then suddenly “everything” comes out of the woods, while as a criminologist should know that this behavior doesn’t magically appear overnight. There should have been signs over his life not just a discharge for the military because he could have been diagnosed with the same mental illness that half of his family has, when the actual reason he was discharged was because of a heart condition known as White Wolf Parkinson’s.
        As for the wife, which one would that be? Because he has a few, I will admit that much. So do your research before accusing someone, don’t just go by word of mouth.


      2. Nothing came up after because of the scrutiny. I didn’t ruin anyone. As for believing word of mouth, it simply isn’t one person. Why would everyone I talked to be out to get Mark? What about Michelle Clarke?


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