Fuck Yeah!

The FBI raided Scott Haines’s house. They are talking to EVERYONE who lives close or works near him.

This is a victory a long time coming. In a group effort to expose the abuse of power and corruption, finally there has been progress to clean it all up! This is a direct result of a combined effort to help a family being fleeced by Scott and probably Eric Haines!

10 thoughts on “Fuck Yeah!

  1. Wanna know how I found out about the raid at Scott Haines’ house? LEOAFFAIRS. NOTHING was reported on the news. Why? Even news conference hound Sheriff Bob Johnson hasn’t announced anything. So that being said, why does it seem that Scott, and in no short order his fat obnoxious brother Eric, seem to skate on by without being held accountable?? Remember that in 2010 or 2011, Scott Haines was among the 1st SRSO personnel that was caught looking at porn. He got slapped on the wrist. Actually, his Sweet Daddy Otis probably slapped him on the butt since Scott was his main pretty boy. But then when 20 or 30 others got caught, Hall wanted to fire them but couldn’t because he let his paramour get away with it. What does Scott, like Eric, have over the big wigs, that compels them to keep that predatory employed with little to no repercussions?


    1. I don’t know. I got a call from an attorney on the Groelinger case who just spoke to FBI agent Michelle Chan. I know there were multiple hard drives taken. The arrests will come after they know what our boy Scott has his fingers into. Now I think, it is no coincidence that Eric demoted to cyber crimes with all the equipment and software you can buy at his beck and call. I think there is inevitably a connection to Eric via Scott. Bob Johnson’s people told a WEAR contact that there was a raid but this was all a big overblown thing based on the son’s ( not the grandson) sour grapes lawsuit. While that is where it started, the documented crimes of Haines came glaring through. They have been investigating for about a year. Periodically, I have been told Pandora’s box was opening, putting the FBI into different things making the case much more complex. These hard drives have exponentially enlarged the case. Bob Johnson’s unwillingness be straight with the news is squirrelly. He may have known of some of this and did nothing. Why? I don’t know. But love the “not-mindy” reference.


      1. Sorry I had made a couple of more posts before I saw your comments. Very interesting about the hard drives being seized. Hopefully the feds will discover some really damning evidence that will end the careers of both of them. Too many people, myself included, were negativity affected by what one of those two has done. Although it’s in the past, I want to see them get what’s coming.

        I was hoping you would like the “No Relation to Mindy” disclaimer. I’ve met her before, and glad to say no relations

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  2. Oh, when Haines and friends were caught looking at porn, the media didn’t consider it “newsworthy.” So if a deputy lieutenant has his home raided by the FBI via a search warrant, why was that not newsworthy especially in this social justice, anti-cop political environment?


  3. Sorry Jimmie, one more.

    Given the fact that the news media gave Haines a pass tells me he still has connections. Or that the sheriff wanted to keep a lid on it since Haines is one of his boys.

    As we questions the FBI raid,we seemed to forget the fact that there was this so-called pressure cooker explosion at his house that left him burned. Coincidence? I think not.

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