The Trouble with Being Harry Fitzsimmons Part II

The Trouble with Being Harry Part II

Harry’s  story is not widely known and it is a real shame, because it is a pretty interesting tale of the folly of youth biting coming back to haunt you later.  Harry’s story is a very uncomplicated story.

Harry Fitzsimmons was a young man of 20  in Belfast when he was imprisoned for being involved with IRA (Irish Republican Army).  This is an era that was fully of lads like our Harry.  He was not unusual in his antics.  He was mixed up with the wrong kids in an age of rebellion. He was allegedly a collaborator in the bombings of the Woodburn House Hotel in Belfast, the Colin Glenn bacon factory, and the Daily Mirror colour plant in 1971 and helping formulate a plot to aid in prison escapees in the Maze Prison. Now picture this, age 20, being with cool kids creating mischief.  In America, that primarily amounts to petty crimes if that.  Think about that  for just one minute.  Who among us doesn’t know someone we have encountered in our lives that was in a similar situation? That truly regretted getting mixed up with wrong people at the wrong time.

But the time and place of Harry’s youth in Ireland was not as peaceful.  It was an age of political upheaval with conspiracies and plots aplenty. This is what young Harry fell into at the young age of 20.  He was arrested and went to jail for his crimes.  He was released in 1981, a much wiser and appreciative man with life anew ahead of him.

Now fast forward a couple a years, another uprising of the same kind pops up in Belfast.  A new generation  (with some old sprinkled in) were arrested again for trying to kill a High Court judge by the name of Basil Kelly using a hijacked Red Cross ambulance.  Guilty by association only, he was later released with the charges withdrawn.  

Harry having seen the precarious nature of his youthful shenanigans, having seen how easy it was for his name to be connected to current day crimes based on his past history, made a clear break from any passing associations with any of the people who might have been still involved in the ongoing political unrest.  He became a quite successful businessman who opened a nightclub called Rumors in West Belfast; then a taxi company called, Ace Taxis and then a petrol station in the same general area.  

Finally Harry sold off his petrol station and a few other business holdings on Belfast’s Stewartstown Road. That was in 2006 and he walked away from those endeavors with $2 million Euro. With that money, he went to Calabria, Italy where he used half of the proceeds he got from the sale of his businesses to invest into beachfront developments.

Now does any of this sound criminal yet?  Of course not!  It is a common story with common reality.   Yet this is the basis of the Italian police’s theory of Harry’s ongoing crimes.  Would you be able to claim your past had no legally questionable activity?  Neither do I and neither do the members of the Italian government, I’m sure.  None of us are immune to less than stellar behavior in this life. For we are human, just like our Harry.

Letter to Guy Dinmore (Writer for the Financial Times)

Dear Mr Dinmore,

Hello, my name is Jimmie Staley; I am an American writer.  I am writing you on behalf of Antonio Velardo.  He is the business associate of Harry Fitzsimmons, who is currently jailed in a prison in Senegal  You wrote an article about him

Mr. Velardo wants to set the story straight in regards to Harry Fitzsimmons and his wrongful incarceration on baseless allegations.  Mr. Dinmore, Harry is being persecuted. He had–at one point in time–links to the IRA.  That was in 1970.  He no longer has any association.  He paid his dues for his affiliations years ago.  Now Harry’s past is being said to be connected to more modern day involvement with the same group and possibly even the ’Ndrangheta.  

It seems as though that Harry’s incarceration is fodder for publicity on the part of Niccola Gratteri, the Italian prosecutor that ordered Harry’s imprisonment and millions of dollars of property and money seized that are associated with Harry and his business endeavors.  Mr. Gratteri publicly admitted that no evidence has turned up yet that would justify the arrest but evidently that is unnecessary in the Italian legal system.  Mr. Fitzsimmons is an elderly, sick man imprisoned in Senegal on trumped up charges.  Mr. Gratteri previously has done this in the case of Tony Vallelunga, an Australian man that lost everything before Gratteri had him released because there was no evidence of the allegations. While Mr. Vallelunga’s arrest made international news; his release for lack of evidence was but a whisper in the media.  But Mr. Gratteri got a great deal of face time in the media and even wrote a book on the case which he made a killing on.  That simply isn’t right.  Mr. Gratteri’s tactics are more reminiscent of Nazi Germany than that of a modern day free society.

Mr. Dinmore, someone needs to speak for these unfortunate victims of a media hungry, Italian legal system.  Wasn’t it just a few months ago, the world watched the Amanda Knox fiasco in the same arena?  It was incompetent then and it seems to be just as incompetent now.  

Mr. Dinmore you must help me and be a voice of righteousness in this very blind legal system. This is unspeakably wrong.  Someone needs to stand up and I hope you are willing to stand beside me in this crusade for justice.

Thank you very much for your time,

Jimmie Staley

A Call to Action

The last few posts have displayed the frustration I have with international justice malfeasance. The more I know about Antonio Velardo and Harry Fitzsimmons’s situation, the angrier I get. The American justice system isn’t perfect but it is a complete 180 from the European standard.

To think that an average person could possibly be financially ruined, financially bankrupt, socially ostracized at the whim of glory hungry legal entities is outrageous. I do not have the answer but I am sure that it is somewhere short of imprisoning first and investigating later.

Something needs to be done.  I know my single, little voice is not enough to drive action.  But maybe a larger scale effort would be recognized.  Here is my proposal:  if every reader of this blog shoots an email to any one of the international authors of some of these stories, maybe this get some attention.  I know this is a small measure but a big enough voice could emerge from everyone working together in protection of the common good.  While Antonio and Harry are not common folks, we as a society are.  This could very well be any of us.  It’s time to unify and speak on behalf of those who have been denied speech.  America loves an underdog and champions human rights everyday.  While the powers that be aren’t necessarily acting, we, the people, can.

I am asking for 5 minutes of your time to create a following for justice where justice has been denied.  This can only result in positive actions. We can make a difference just as our forefathers This is about a principle. The greater good of mankind is in jeopardy if we let this injustice go unnoticed and unaccounted for.  This is an important step we must make as citizens of society.  I hope you are behind me in this endeavor.  May God be with us.

Antonio’s Story

When Antonio contacted me to tell his story, I honestly did not foresee how intrigued I would be or how involved internationally the story would be. But I am glad it happened that way. I have gotten to know Antonio a bit of over the little time we have known each other.  I think it’s time to tell his story.
Antonio Velardo was born in Naples, Italy in 1977. At the age of 19, he went to London & then to Florida.  In Daytona Beach, he studied to be a pilot and achieved a FAA Multi-Engine Commercial license at the age of 21. He travelled extensively after that and converted his pilot’s license from the US to a European one.
Antonio changed went to college in the UK in 2002.  He earned a Bachelors’s Degree in English with Honors at Loughborough University. This is a very prestigious university in the UK.  After he graduated, he moved to Spain where he got a job with a high end real estate agency.  Within this company, he excelled as one of the top salesman.  With an entrepreneurial spirit and a recently attained knowledge of real estate, he opened his own business.  He sold and developed vacation or holiday homes in Southern Italy.  Antonio then moved to Ireland where he met Harry Fitzsimmons, a Belfast gas station owner who he had sold property to in the past.  He and Harry formed a business VFI (Velardo Fitzsimmons Investment) Overseas Property.
In 2007, VFI was hugely successful. Within the first year, they sold more than 450 units. By the age 29, from a modest upbringing, Antonio was a multimillionaire.  This is literally the American dream fulfilled.  All of us that have been taught hard work pays off see the success Antonio attained as the gold standard.  Who wouldn’t want to be in his shoes?
In 2009, VFI won several industry awards.  There were offices in Dublin, Stockholm, London, Moscow and the Ukraine. With the political and social unrest in his native Italy, Antonio took his business to Tunisia and began investing in distressed properties internationally.  Eventually ending up in Miami in 2010, where he starts several different businesses.
Now cut to the dawn raid of VFI holdings in March, 2013.  Property seized, people arrested without real cause, lives destroyed.  For what? The ambition of a prosecutor who jails people first and investigates later? Apparently that is the standard in Italy. Didn’t we just go through years with Amanda Knox aka Foxy Knoxy?  Trumped up charges and irresponsible prosecution that inevitably is thrown out.  At what cost? Why is no one concerned?

The Trouble with Being Harry Fitzsimmons

The Trouble with Being Harry

All of my life, I have found many pros and cons, to being a girl with the name “Jimmie”. The biggest con is I am always assumed to be male even in light of having the female box marked on forms. People assume Jimmie must be a boy.. But the pro is awesome. Once people understand it really is Jimmie and not Jennie or Jamie., they tend to remember me because of my unique name..Harry Fitzsimmons sits in a jail in Senegal languishing because of his name. Having a name and living in an area with that name being so common can, in some cases, be highly detrimental. In our Harry’s case, nothing could be more true. Our Harry is being legally confused with a man who runs in the same circles our Harry used to run in. His attachment to these people landed him in prison for 15 years in 1973. However, the “other” Harry was only 5 in 1973.Our Harry’s story begins like this: In November 1971, the Woodburn House Hotel in Belfast exploded. Our Harry allegedly sent 2 armed men in with a submachine gun and a revolver and they planted the bomb that destroyed the hotel.. This was said to be a part of the Provisional IRA bombing campaign. including the Collin Glenn bacon factory, and the Daily Mirror colour plant. He was convicted in 1973. According to Duncan Gartham of the The Telegraph, a British news source, our Harry “allegedly later helped organize a number of attempted escapes from the Maze Prison. Following his release, he was charged with plotting to kill High Court judge Basil Kelly in Belfast in 1983, using a hijacked Red Cross ambulance.The charges were withdrawn and it is believed that he quit “the movement” and went on to run Rumours nightclub in west Belfast before opening the Ace Taxis firm and a nearby petrol station.”

Today he is accused of laundering money for IRA through his Italian property development projects. According to prosecutor Gratteri, our Harry is now linked his IRA buddies in with the notorious Italian mafia, ‘Ndrangheta.. Authorities say that our Harry and his business associates are colluding with this mafia cartel in a joint venture using “mafia intimidation through a complex network of Italian and foreign countries.”

To keep them better distinguishable, I will refer to our Harry as Harry James. The man that he is being confused with is Harry Joseph. Having the same last name of Fitzsimmons and living in close proximity seem to be one of the downfall for Harry James.

He now sits in a jail in Senegal. Granted an internet search and simple math skills, I was able to find the difference between Harry James and Harry Joseph. Clearly if one were trying to play off the history of one by making it a public spectacle by knowingly attributing wrong facts to the wrong person, that would be considered highly unethical. Nicola Gratteri seems to not have the same ability to decipher one Harry from another.

The prosecutors also alleges Harry James is the treasurer of the IRA, but there is no basis for such claims.
In the Financial Times on May 27, 2013. It is reported that Dan McGuinness, attorney for Harry James told the press his client “totally refutes the allegations” and has been involved in “legitimate business as a promoter of properties in south Italy.”

So what is the moral of the story.? I think there are a couple.. Maybe it is to never EVER name your kid something this common.

But seriously, this is insane.. How can one man sit in jail without recourse? He has no voice and the crimes he is accused of are not able to be substantiated. Isn’t someone mad as hell about the fact this could be you? A series of events could literally take you from the security of your home into a foreign jail, alone and dank. That is the scary part, the bogey man may just be an overzealous prosecutor needing to promote a story.

Good Morning! Italy Calling!

My day started off quite like any other. Checking my inbox for prospective writing assignments. Then I came across an email from a gentleman. I was captivated at his request. He wanted me to tell his story. The man is from Italy and his name is Antonio. He’s involved in quite a complex enterprise. His business partner, Harry is being held in a prison in Senegal. His crime? Having a past association with the IRA (Irish Republican Army). Harry’s previous dealings inevitably culminated in him serving time in a Belfast prison for the bombing of a hotel. After serving his time, Harry goes back to Belfast to stay there doing business for the next 20 years. When the Italian authorities embark on a campaign against him claiming he is laundering money through his new business dealings.
I have to say I was not at all prepared for the epic tragedy I was about to hear. Antonio’s story begins with him and Harry going into business together as luxury property developers. They are internationally known. Everything they touch seemingly turns to gold. Their mutual business endeavors are the proverbial cash cow in the Italian economy with properties reaching across 3 continents. This was no small operation. These men are the people written about in history. In 2009, according PRWeb:
“VFI came out overall winners in three categories in the 2009 Europe Residential Property Awards, property’s equivalent of the Oscars”

This is really above the norm for 99% of us but it is relatable because we as Americans believe in putting in a full day’s work and reaping the benefits. These men just happened to be parlez their visions into an enormous fortune.

In March 2013, unceremoniously, fate seems to shift. An onslaught begins to unfold. It is like something out of a movie. The Guardia di Finanza initiated a blitz style attack. In dawn raids, doors are busted down; property is seized. The total properties and assets seized is valued at approximately $588 million.16 people arrested.

This is all because they suspected there was money laundering operations run by the ‘Ndrangheta or Calabrian Mafia. The man behind this is Nicola Gratteri, whose name sounds familiar. After doing a little research, I realize his name should ring a bell because he is an Italian prosecutor who has written books about his anti-Mafioso arrests. He has a great deal of face time with the Italian media and newspapers. He develops a magnificent story spun around these arrests. It appears he is more interested in fame rather than justice. The only words I can think to use are “witch hunt”. A journalist, Duncan Garnham, reported that:

“Italian police have rowed back from their initial allegation. Claudio Petrozziello, district commander of the Guardia di Finanza in Italy, said Mr Fitzsimons (Harry) had a previous conviction for an IRA bomb attack but added: ‘I have no evidence to imagine a link, a concrete link, or even an eventual link, with the organisation.’”

This is all reminiscent of the Amanda Knox prosecutorial nightmare. The powers that be in Italy seem to cast aspersions and imprison people only to quietly release them down the road due lack of evidence. The arrests draw millions of cameras and fanfare , yet the release of the individuals is done so in a very inconspicuous manner. Between the former and the latter, the individual sits in a jail in deplorable conditions, financially ruined, personally dejected and professionally handicapped. This is observations of a layman. This story is absolutely appalling. What has society come to when this is the norm?

This is just the beginning of the story.

The question I have is why is the Italian government going after Harry? What is initially sent the red flag up for them to re-investigate? Why isn’t anybody willing to do anything about it?