A Call to Action

The last few posts have displayed the frustration I have with international justice malfeasance. The more I know about Antonio Velardo and Harry Fitzsimmons’s situation, the angrier I get. The American justice system isn’t perfect but it is a complete 180 from the European standard.

To think that an average person could possibly be financially ruined, financially bankrupt, socially ostracized at the whim of glory hungry legal entities is outrageous. I do not have the answer but I am sure that it is somewhere short of imprisoning first and investigating later.

Something needs to be done.  I know my single, little voice is not enough to drive action.  But maybe a larger scale effort would be recognized.  Here is my proposal:  if every reader of this blog shoots an email to any one of the international authors of some of these stories, maybe this get some attention.  I know this is a small measure but a big enough voice could emerge from everyone working together in protection of the common good.  While Antonio and Harry are not common folks, we as a society are.  This could very well be any of us.  It’s time to unify and speak on behalf of those who have been denied speech.  America loves an underdog and champions human rights everyday.  While the powers that be aren’t necessarily acting, we, the people, can.

I am asking for 5 minutes of your time to create a following for justice where justice has been denied.  This can only result in positive actions. We can make a difference just as our forefathers This is about a principle. The greater good of mankind is in jeopardy if we let this injustice go unnoticed and unaccounted for.  This is an important step we must make as citizens of society.  I hope you are behind me in this endeavor.  May God be with us.

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