Letter to Guy Dinmore (Writer for the Financial Times)

Dear Mr Dinmore,

Hello, my name is Jimmie Staley; I am an American writer.  I am writing you on behalf of Antonio Velardo.  He is the business associate of Harry Fitzsimmons, who is currently jailed in a prison in Senegal  You wrote an article about him http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/a0f07912-c6e7-11e2-8a36-00144feab7de.html

Mr. Velardo wants to set the story straight in regards to Harry Fitzsimmons and his wrongful incarceration on baseless allegations.  Mr. Dinmore, Harry is being persecuted. He had–at one point in time–links to the IRA.  That was in 1970.  He no longer has any association.  He paid his dues for his affiliations years ago.  Now Harry’s past is being said to be connected to more modern day involvement with the same group and possibly even the ’Ndrangheta.  

It seems as though that Harry’s incarceration is fodder for publicity on the part of Niccola Gratteri, the Italian prosecutor that ordered Harry’s imprisonment and millions of dollars of property and money seized that are associated with Harry and his business endeavors.  Mr. Gratteri publicly admitted that no evidence has turned up yet that would justify the arrest but evidently that is unnecessary in the Italian legal system.  Mr. Fitzsimmons is an elderly, sick man imprisoned in Senegal on trumped up charges.  Mr. Gratteri previously has done this in the case of Tony Vallelunga, an Australian man that lost everything before Gratteri had him released because there was no evidence of the allegations. While Mr. Vallelunga’s arrest made international news; his release for lack of evidence was but a whisper in the media.  But Mr. Gratteri got a great deal of face time in the media and even wrote a book on the case which he made a killing on.  That simply isn’t right.  Mr. Gratteri’s tactics are more reminiscent of Nazi Germany than that of a modern day free society.

Mr. Dinmore, someone needs to speak for these unfortunate victims of a media hungry, Italian legal system.  Wasn’t it just a few months ago, the world watched the Amanda Knox fiasco in the same arena?  It was incompetent then and it seems to be just as incompetent now.  

Mr. Dinmore you must help me and be a voice of righteousness in this very blind legal system. This is unspeakably wrong.  Someone needs to stand up and I hope you are willing to stand beside me in this crusade for justice.

Thank you very much for your time,

Jimmie Staley

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