Conjuring Justice

Proof that One Person Can Make a Difference

Sheriff Morgan, as a matter of routine, misleads and manipulates the public.


I took the Nanowrimo challenge. I wrote a novel in 30 days. I won! I did it! Yea for me! The story needs to be told. I have been accused of capitalizing on the backs of the horrors and to that ¬†accusation I say I put my heart and soul into proving the innocence of …

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In looking at the elements of this “well-planned” home invasion from Patrick’s perspective would any of us do the the following things: 1. Use a mentally unstable, chemically dependent father as any part of the crime. A man that will crack under pressure and who has been willingly absent the majority of his son’s life. …

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Pensacola has an interesting history. Most people know that Ted Bundy was arrested there in 1978. Some might even know that Jennifer McVeigh was a resident of the city. In fact, she sat next to in freshman English at Woodham High School. Jennifer McVeigh is the sister of Timothy McVeigh. In fact, when the Oklahoma …

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