Justice. Such a subjective term.  Justice is putting away the bad guy who harms society.  On the other hand, justice can be freeing an innocent person of a crime they didn’t commit.  Lady Justice is always pictured with a blindfold, signifying justice being blind.  In reality, that is not the case.  She is not only blind, but deaf & dumb as well.  Lady Justice is a force that has been manipulated for years.  Laws are interpreted and punishments are passed out based beliefs of the party that finds guilt.  

Somewhere along the way to enlightenment, we stopped caring about who is really guilty and who is really innocent.  The assumption is that if the police arrested someone then they must be guilty.  Case closed.  What happens if that isn’t true?  What happens if someone is arrested because they are participants within the circumstance of a crime–meaning they know the offenders and/or the victims.  They have human interactions with these particular people which is distorted into motive and opportunity. We don’t all go around on our happiness cloud without strife and conflict.  But if you know someone who was murdered and you have any kind of encounter with them–particularly negative–watch out because you are now a suspect.

Finding fault is the job of law enforcement.  They live down to that expectation.  The quest for justice is an illusion.  Proximity and politics weigh higher on the scales of Lady Justice.  Righteousness has no place in the law; innocence has no place in law.  That tidbit of knowledge is not widely spoken of until you are exposed to higher learning of the legal system.  Truth and justice for all is a perception of fairness or equality.  The facts of the matter are that plausibility, culpability and disingenuous endeavors are what make up the law that we know today.  The “good ole boy” system is alive and well and living on your tax dollars. 

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