Funny how heritage seems to play a role in everything.  You may not see it clearly at first, but everything you do is a culmination of your heritage–social, ancestral, spiritual, cultural heritage.  How you talk, how you walk, the things you say are all a reflection of your heritage. I have become much more aware of this principle since we moved to Michigan.  I feel a deep desire to reconnect with my heritage.  What do I mean by that?  I mean the feeling that is so palpable it is as if time has been stopped.  The feeling of oneness with environment.  The feeling that you are connected to the very ground of the place where you stand.  It is difficult to explain to someone that has never felt this inner pull.  The struggles and trials faced by the people of the past.  It doesn’t even have to be family.  You can just feel the pride in the land.

Needless to say, I feel a bit displaced away from that.  I personally feel it in Birmingham, Pensacola, Wilkesboro & Louisville.  Notice all are Southern places.  I don’t know if that really is the common theme or if it is the happenstance that I have been to these places and developed an emotional attachment for one reason or another.  That may very well be what it is.  But I can tell you this, this feeling is only surpassed by the peace that can be felt with God.

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