Antonio’s story continued

So in researching about VFI and Antonio, I was captivated by his success. I have only met one man that could take nothing and make it into gold. Now that I have researched and met Antonio, I have found that he too is that kind of businessman.
How many people do you know that graduated from a prestigious university and in 2 short years, becomes a millionaire? Exactly! It does not happen. Antonio made $89 million in sales the first year of working in real estate. Really???? I cannot even think in those terms. It is mind blowing.
No good deed goes unpunished. Cut to the political atmosphere in Italy. It’s absolutely astounding how personal rights have become so passe. If anybody has any question about that, look at Amanda Knox. I know I mention here over and over but her story is scary as hell. It is a cascade of the worst possible scenarios all coming together. Italy seems to model the third world approach to justice. Jail first, then investigate. How ridiculous does that sound? In something as simple as a civil court case, you could be tied up in bureaucracy for more than a decade over a rather small matter in Italy. Also, a contract is not truly binding there. The overzealous government supercedes EVERYTHING. But it is the reality. You do not have to be extraordinary to be imprisoned. It sounds like you don’t even have to do anything wrong.
But sensing that the devil could be just around the corner, Antonio moved his point of operations to America. He knew here he had the right to build a business without the dread of the knock on the door. But America isn’t Italy. We are satiated with luxury here. Antonio turned to the land of free and the home of the brave. And as predicted, he has no problems.
But it isn’t just Antonio and Harry, Danilo Coppola was a real estate guru and entrepreneur. By the age 40, he transformed a small company into gold worth an estimated $2 billion Euro. He then topped that the next year with a hefty $3 billion Euro.That kind of success is what Donald Trump has. Everybody loves this story because it just proves that it could be you. Potential is only bound by ambition in America.
In Italy, Coppola became targeted by the government. After 2 years in jail, this man was a mere shell of his former self. He was bankrupt, his wife left him, the lawyer’s compensation took around $28 million Euro, and THEN he was acquitted. A tattered man had even attempted suicide in this hell of a prison. Do you know compensation they offered him? $200 Euro per day of wrongful incarceration. Doesn’t seem very equitable does it?
the story continues……………..

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