The Billings Murder: The Home Invasion

July 9, 2009
Pensacola, Florida
The Billings Compound

Down the road, from a house off the road on oversized lot with few neighbors within a mile, is a little church. A Gold Explorer with 3 men inside stops. Two armed men get out, cloaked in ninja garb. Nothing visible but their eyes. They are “Team A”. The Explorer leaves and the two men make their way to the house. A old rusted Dodge van pulls into the driveway of the house. It stops and “Team B” made up of 3 more men dressed like the others jump out–armed.

The compound is riddled with surveillance cameras to help track the children in the house. This entire crime is caught on tape. Team A approaches the house. The man in the lead is carrying his gun and is clearly right-handed on the cameras. They go into the house through an unlocked laundry room door. Team B kicks in the front door charging into the house. In a flurry of events that happen too quickly to comprehend, the 2 homeowners lay dead. Team A exits out the door they came, as does Team B, who have taken a small safe. They leave the property. Team A & Team B take off in different directions. The 9 disabled children in the house are all left unharmed.

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