Post Pulled

My sources that forwarded me that letter asked that I pull it down. They feel their openness will cause retaliation and may affect lawsuits pending. Because I am a person of my word, the story has been pulled for now but I would like to post a document that says most of the same things.tama barber writ mandamus_Page_01tama barber writ mandamus_Page_02tama barber writ mandamus_Page_03tama barber writ mandamus_Page_04tama barber writ mandamus_Page_05tama barber writ mandamus_Page_06tama barber writ mandamus_Page_07tama barber writ mandamus_Page_08tama barber writ mandamus_Page_09tama barber writ mandamus_Page_10tama barber writ mandamus_Page_11tama barber writ mandamus_Page_12tama barber writ mandamus_Page_13tama barber writ mandamus_Page_14tama barber writ mandamus_Page_15tama barber writ mandamus_Page_16tama barber writ mandamus_Page_17tama barber writ mandamus_Page_18tama barber writ mandamus_Page_19tama barber writ mandamus_Page_20tama barber writ mandamus_Page_21tama barber writ mandamus_Page_22tama barber writ mandamus_Page_23tama barber writ mandamus_Page_24

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