A Class Act

Instead of posting another post on Morgan’s Legacy, I have to take time to honor an amazing woman’s life. Ms. Kathy Ball was a phenom. She lived 97 years and wore many hats but the most intriguing thing is she worked with her husband for the CIA. Her husband H. Kenneth Ball, spent 40+ years serving his country.

Greed exploited this lady. State sanctioned Greed. Ms. Kathy lost her home and her treasures during an unscrupulous witchhunt against her son, Ron, another decorated veteran and a renown author. Ron split with a widow who believed Ron stole from her. She sued him; he filed bankruptcy. She used her influence to bring the Levin wrath on Ron, via State Attorney Russ Edgar and up-and-comer, Taylor Wells. Thomas Williams was involved as well.

I received this email:

This broke my heart. I created his video to aid with her plight-yet no one helped.

After losing everything, Ms. Katherine Ball passed away on Friday. She was 97 years old. Such a great woman. Escambia County loves to take advantage of those that cannot help themselves.

This is the reason I am here.

One thought on “A Class Act

  1. My husband is in Escambia County jail… the road prison actually, aka Camp 5, where he has been sitting, not convicted of anything, since Jan 2019. I’m gonna try to make this as short and to the point as possible and I know that no one can do anything about it, but I just want someone to know what is going on.
    My husband opened a cabinet store selling and installing kitchen cabinets in May 2018. He is/was an awesome salesman but his business skills were none. He was doing okay for the first few months but then he didn’t keep up with his sales tax and other stuff like that and so after about 6 months Escambia County seized his bank account for past due taxes. The money in the account belonged to customers and he did not have a different bank account that he could use…no back up plan at all. So some people didn’t get their cabinets and he ended up closing the store. He owes these customers their money back and has never denied that. But he didn’t have any money to pay them back and we both thought that he would end up in civil court and ordered to pay back all of this money. We were worrying day and night about HOW we would ever be able to pay these people back. But one of those customers was a Pensacola City cop and he told my husband that he would have him criminally charged if he didn’t get a full refund immediately. Well that’s exactly what happened. The Dept of Agriculture opened an investigation of my husband. We were told later on by an attorney that the Dept of Agriculture would not normally handle an investigation of this nature, but probably this cop had a buddy or family member open the investigation as a favor… the good ol boy system. Anyway within just a few months of the store closing there was a felony warrant for his arrest for first degree Fraud and Swindle and he was arrested. He was arrested and family bailed him out 4 or 5 times between September 2019 to December 2019. The warrants would change in wording slightly and just enough to make it possible to come out and arrest him over and over. Eventually he was charged with Racketeering (Public orders crime) punishable by up to 20 years in prison. My husband has no criminal record except for driver’s license issues due to child support. *Child support was paid in full and over at this time due to the child being 20 years old. One cop was in the middle of the arresting part every time… the arresting officer I guess. This guy just got the biggest kick out of coming into our home and putting hand cuffs on my husband. Then Jan 2020 the cops pulled up and as my husband was getting out of the car he was arrested again for same old charges (wording changed again slightly) and this time they added driving without a license because he had suspended license over the child support (5 yr suspension would have been over in two more months ) But they didn’t see him driving so the cop told me that he would NOT charge him for the driving w/o license under the condition that “I” would swear on his body cam that my husband was indeed driving the car. I thought that was a really strange request, but I was desperate and so I did it. And then he AGAIN promised that he would not add that charge because it would revoke the bond and we would loose all of the bond money etc etc. He seemed to really GET how bad it would be & I was so relieved. Of course you know already that he LIED and because of that my husband’s bond was revoked and he has been in jail for a year! He’s had six court dates, seems to be about every two months, and each time either the state or the public defender asks for a continuance and my husband doesn’t even get to say a word. So I definitely believe that Escambia County is full of corruption! And since Covid started in March 2020 lots of people have been left to rot in their cages.


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