How Vets are Treated in Escambia County

Veterans come back from deployment overseas with numerous problems.  Just living like a civilian is a huge challenge.  Marriages of combat vets are more likely to end in divorce; Afghan & Iraq vets is over-represented in homeless communities and prisons.  The collision course between vets and the justice system has been so prominent that Veterans Courts have become a part of most areas. They deal with the trying to divert veterans into more appropriate ways than typical criminals. There are mitigating factors that throw these men and women returning from active duty combat into a justice system ill-equipped to handle them.

That being said, a case came to me of USMC Staff Sergeant Tim Chandler, a Pensacola native. His experience with the Escambia County Sheriff’s office and the State Attorney as well as the judicial system is laughable if it were not so disastrous. Tim’s PTSD exacerbated his martial issues but I think he can explain it better than I can.


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3 thoughts on “How Vets are Treated in Escambia County

    1. Tim, you are a great guy. I hope my blog brought some exposure/awareness for all the things you’ve endured. I want to thank you for your service but not just that old general cliché. I want you to know that I am thankful for the sleepless nights, the pain, the hardship, the distance, and the overall anxiety that you endured to help keep people—my family—free. There are so many things you dealt with for the greater good. God bless you!!


  1. Tim, as my brother in law I have come to love you as my little brother. I feel like I know you pretty good and to have people to think and look at you like you are some kind of criminal is disgusting to me. I respect the Law, however knowing what some of the officers of Escambia county has done to you and there behavior is unbelievable.I’m a Christian and I believe that all things will be taken care of by God and justice will prevail…


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