Terrorists with Badges

The Escambia County Sheriffs Office has moved into another level of abuse of power. There were always threats and the desire of Haines to argue for arrest with many past employees. Most of the arguments were not legally sound and Haines never found the support to take his corrupt and abusive leadership tactics the next illegal level……………until now.

The States Attorney Office (SAO) has partnered with the ECSO to advance personal attacks and further the cause of Haines and Morgan. Their interest is in retaliation against any person trying to have their rights observed, any person willing to speak out against them, and to silence the rest from causing problems down the line. The recent arrests of Lisa and Kelly Hall is proof of them taking the nuclear option in a relatively nominal infraction. Everyone should realize that this issue was brought to resolution several months ago. There was ample time to remedy this issue when it was first investigated. The fact is it was not important until Kelly Hall decided to fight back for being wrongfully terminated. This is an arrest in retaliation for causing Haines to be held accountable. It isn’t the first time this has happen.

The SAO takes the ECSO at their word as is the “industry standard” for law enforcement. Any law enforcement agency should be honest and should be expected to be truthful with other agencies. The SAO should question information given to them by the ECSO. Haines and Morgan have demonstrated many times they are not honest or capable to effectively complete law enforcement tasks. They are bullies and will misuse their power to harm enemies of their choosing.

We have seen officers go to hotel rooms to exchange drugs for sex while on duty. The public didn’t see this because it was all a huge secret to avoid negative publicity for the ECSO. This is easily seen if one takes the time to read the texts messages recently plaguing the agency that shows the dishonest behavior of Haines and Morgan. It could be that these arrests were to distract from the current narrative that Haines is corrupt based on his text messages.

It is also old news that there is an employee currently at the ECSO that has admitted to using a Social Security Number of a person deceased to avoid deportation. This investigation took place and proved that the employee had purchased property (Mortgage Fraud}, acquired credit cards (Wire Fraud), and the theft of another deceased SSN (identity theft). No action taken against employee.

Most recently a staff member commits a battery on a subordinate. The incident was on recorded video. No arrest of the former staff member. This is a blatant example of how Haines and Morgan guard those who could cause the most damage to their corrupt behavior and tactics. Battery is a crime but there was not a need to arrest the criminal in this instance. There is clearly a sliding scale as to what punishment employees receive. The ones named above are the “favored” people, thus their punishment is negligible Yet, Kelly & Lisa Hall deserve annihilation, really????

This issue is far from over. There will be information coming soon about all these situations. It is imperative that the citizens oversee their government. Government will run out of control if allowed to do so. The ECSO is not operating with honor or integrity. Haines and Morgan must be stopped from abusing their power and position as leaders of the Escambia County Sheriffs Office as their playground of torture and anarchy.

3 thoughts on “Terrorists with Badges

  1. Sheriff David Morgan is all about bullying, lying, entrapment, stalking, exploitation, and falsified police reports to obtain illegal arrest. If you dare speak out against him (the corruption) or other powerful agencies standing with him in power- get ready for a very dirty war. They have all made my life a living hell!!!!


  2. Where is Chip Simmons during all of this lying and corruption? Why hasn’t he resigned and distanced himself from such a bad group? The answer is because he’s no better than Morgan,Haines, etc and is a willing participant by his silence.


  3. Not indifferent than the lying County Sheriff told the FBI in my case. The sheriff was so convincing in the false information he gave the FBI that the agent did not feel he needed to review the hard copy evidence supporting my allegations, when he came to my home for that specific purpose.What is even more amazing is that this Federal Special or Supervisory Agent has super powers. He was able to leave my home and have a written determination of my case from his Superior in Washington DC. in my mailbox all within a two hour timeline. I suppose all County Sheriff’s have the ability to present themselves in different ways similar to a chameleon. In fact it is my opinion that all law enforcement officers the characteristics of a chameleon at all levels in State and Federal government
    I want to give credit to SA Thomas Reinwart into proving himself to be more corrupt than my County Sheriff.
    His rapid response in determining my case was a fraud.
    Any reasonable person recognizes the USPS simply doesn’t move the mail from point a to point b in two hours.
    A reasonable person will recognize Agent Reinwart predetermined his decision about my case based on hearsay given by the Sheriff.
    Agent Reinwart gave me three different versions of how he submitted my complaint to the Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa. You do not have to attend police academy to recognize credibility issues due to Reinwart’s inconsistent statements.
    FBI SA Thomas Reinwart did not recognize that private property rights are Federally protected rights.
    I have read that the FBI places the lower ranking level of graduates in the areas that have the lowest number of Federal crimes committed. If that is the case Southeast Iowa must be one of the lowest areas of violations of Federal law in the Nation. Agent Reinwart did not have the knowledge to know what is a violation of Federal law or the common sense to consider that two hours for the mail to move from Washington DC is not possible. If you want to play with the big boys think things through and cover yourself from implicating yourself in violations of Federal law. I want an investigator from the St Louis area. They must be some pretty fart smellers, and not that much farther away that Agent Reinwart traveled to get to my home on taxpayers money.
    Then we have Assistant US Attorney Kevin VanderSchel. I will save that for the next time. Let me say his behavior was so disrespectful of my rights and Federal law that I challenged him to a fist fight outside his office. He has yet to accept my challenge. DIRTY, ROTTEN, BASTARDS. https://poisonedbymyneighborfromhell.com


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