Chief Deputy Haines Reaches Out

So my week was heightened by a Facebook PM from Chief Deputy Haines.



I am not sure where to start to address your condescending message. First, until your tax dollar wasting text with Lee Tyree, I didn’t see the picture you are referencing. I didn’t look at it closely and I just figured it was more surveillance footage.  And yes, you are right that particular picture is from “See No Evil” Episode 1, but that pic is not what anyone other than you, the Sheriff and Tyree believed was a huge deal. That picture is insignificant and does not diminish the truth being, Patrick Gonzalez’s van was NOT the one on the surveillance video.  It just isn’t and for you to spend taxpayer dollars focused on a picture, for the explicit purpose of trying to file some sort of suit against me is friggin nuts. You wasted time out of your life to try to “get” me, creating this entire spool of nonsense over something that is not relevant or pertinent to any discussion. How fucking sad.


abc_gma_onsumsami_090715_msBy the way, no one ever said there were two vans used in the crime. To be clear, Pat Gonzalez’s van (that was in Lenny Gonzalez’s possession), did not run. It had not moved. It was used for nothing but smoking crack in. Lenny self-medicated. He was too mentally deficient to recognize the van on TV looked nothing like the van in his yard. Yet your agency made a square peg fit in a round hole without looking for real suspects. Way to go, you railroaded 6 minorities, one being a senior citizen with organic brain damage. Before you say that isn’t true, produce any interview with Ashley Markham.  There isn’t one. Also, explain to me why Morgan was there that night taking down names of people to be contacted and yet their names never appear anywhere throughout the thousands of pages of documentations. Thorough job, Chief.

Getting back to you, you paid zero attention to Jerome Zaid’s sexcapades that branched into molesting a child because you had to read my social media feed. Your entire career is going down the shitter while you wait for me or Phil Nix to post something you don’t want out. You know how you avoid that? Don’t do stupid shit! Do your fucking job. If you did that, you wouldn’t be giving us more fodder to work with.  What am I sayin? It’s too late now. You perjured yourself by saying you didn’t do county business on your personal phone. You absolutely knew you did and lied under oath.  The Brady List needs a name added.  Do you start your classes by telling students that you lie regularly and use your time trying to find “work arounds” on rules?

Oh, I want to let everyone know that I did give you an opportunity to correct any other misguided notions I might have. You declined. Remember that.

Bottom line, if Pat Gonzalez gets a FAIR TRIAL,  his case will be overturned, I promise you that. I will not stop until that happens. Your agency routinely mishandles evidence, has no clear procedure for ANYTHING and have ZERO knowledge of the law. The jokes write themselves. Getting his case overturned is important to me because I know the man, you are right. I believe it is a flagship case that shows that even when lives are on the line, the ECSO can’t find their ass much less solve a crime. That is the disgraceful part about it. You have run the agency and by extension the community into the ground. Do you know how long it will take someone to restore the damage you have done? It will take decades. The first thing that must happen is all the cowards that kiss your ass or at the least do nothing, MUST GO. Then competent officers must be brought in to establish an infrastructure for the agency that isn’t corrupt, but it is imperative that no one, who ignored all your shit be left standing with a badge. When all the real criminals (your administration) are in prison, I will stop. That is my end goal.

Oh, and yes there is communication with the US Attorney’s office. So have many others. So slander me, spend every hour of every day trying to get me and Phil and every other “hater” out there, but it won’t help you now.



5 thoughts on “Chief Deputy Haines Reaches Out

  1. What a read! I love you for all that you do! I also can never say thank you enough, to you or your husband if all husbands. Both of you are God sent and I will go to my grave believing that. You go Jimmie, you have the hair standing up on the back of their necks! I feel your so close it brings tears to my eyes. You Will Save Patrick’s Life ❤

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  2. I read an article and they say the van belonged to Pam Wiggins. So who committed the murders. IDk but I understand he did not get a fair trial although when asked if he thought he would at first he said he thought he would. It seems that was why the supreme court appeal did not overturn it. They sure have the local media condemning his as well as just telling Morgan’s side of the story about the Manning girls. Yes everybody see this may not be commenting, do want to be sued or wind up under a house drinking antifreeze. You are right though, the higher ups will have to hold these accountable. Facebook comments can’t and further endanger citizens, demonstrated that they harvested the triple van picture from a person on facebook to be used as evidence. So it the ECSO let the death sentence be carried out, does that mean they have the blood of PG jr on their hands and the real perps walk. Even the SAO seemed convinced of PG jr guilt. Oh is the deputy that was selling testosterone related to the Dear Jacki lady? same last name. That would explain a few things if that were the case.


    1. Pam has a “mini” van that was red. Different vehicle altogether.

      I don’t they are related but they both have the same last name as leahs girls suing Morgan (Rogers). That would be too ironic, if all of them are related.


  3. The one truly involved got immunity, imagine that. I think the whole thing was orchestrated to make morgan look like a king.


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