Same Crap, Different State Attorney

This is a hard truth that I hoped would not be so but the State Attorney’s Office is still operating questionably. I got a tip about a case that that was handled inappropriately. The case involves a grandfather of either a former or current Santa Rosa Sheriff’s deputy. It doesn’t appear he actually is a deputy there but I won’t say with certainty that he isn’t. The deputy’s name is Joshua Carlson. His father is Alvah B. Carlson Jr, and grandfather is Alvah B. Carlson Sr. Sr. lives in Milton and Jr. lives in Navarre. Then tip was specifically about the Jr. He reportedly masturbated on a property where he was trespassing on camera but failed to get arrested for it. But then more crazy comes out about this family. Jr. was arrested in August 2022 for getting a DUI in his official cruiser

Former Houston County deputy charged with DUI

ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — A former Houston County sheriff’s deputy has been fired after being charged with a DUI.
Alvah Carlson, 38, of Elba, was arrested in Elba on a driving while intoxicated charge on Wednesday night. He was arrested after driving his patrol car erratically, according to a source close to WDHN.
After receiving the charge, Carlson was terminated Wednesday night, according to Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza.
Carlson has previously worked as an Elba police officer and a Brantley police officer.
In regards to Carlson’s charge and firing Sheriff Valenza said:
“I’m not going to tolerate this (behavior).”
He was released from the Coffee County Jail on a $1,000 bond Thursday morning.

But this is only the beginning of the craziness. His father was arrested in 2019 on a litany of charges. Here is the arrest report:

So after inquiring with some people in Santa Rosa, supposedly this deal was cut due to Sr. being terminal and the source claimed he is dead. I found no evidence of him being dead. No transference of property; no probate; no obituary. This appears to be a bad deal made with this guy.

This shit happens more than it should in this day and age.

If anyone knows the specifics or has proof this man is dead, please contact me. Otherwise, this is just another sad case in the Florida Panhandle.


8 thoughts on “Same Crap, Different State Attorney

  1. Please keep up the good work exposing the truth about what otherwise the public would not know about. I thank you.


  2. You don’t know absolutely shit the dui was a vindictive arrest by a disgruntled officer how alvah 3rd had wrote up numerous time and when the trial came up the other week not only was the charges thrown out but the bad arresting officer was fired and a lawsuit which will win has been already fired


    1. Alabamas public records laws are shitty, and I can only know what is public record. you can send me court docs that corroborate what you said about the one arrested for DUI. Otherwise you missed the point of this this post. It’s about how their crimes were not acknowledged in Santa Rosa. None of what you said makes any of that acceptable. The one with the DUI is literally the lesser of the evils. But honestly I have little interest in worrying about what this family was “falsely accused of”. It’s irrelevant. Masturbating on camera on the neighbors property is not ok. Molesting a 12 year old with photographic evidence of the crimes and neither of them being prosecuted is NOT OK.


  3. The police officer terminated in Alabama is Alvah Carlson III, Alvah Carlson jr is the father of Alvah Carlson III AND Alvah Carlson Sr is the father of Alvah Carlson jr.
    Alvah Carlson Jr youngest son is Joshua Carlson is a deputy in Santa Rosa County and somehow was awarded deputy of the year in 2021. .


  4. I have a tape of Pensacola LE corruption needing to be shared.

    Trumped up allegations without legitimate proof. Witness testimony from person unable to identify primary colors. 16 officers on scene yet body cam footage from only 4 officers provided in discovery, 7 officers involved between apprehension, interrogation, arrest and documentation process. No dash cam footage, from 10+ EMS LE vehicles offered in discovery. contradictory. This county is trying to ruin my life over what should be nothing more than public intoxication at best. Currently being charged with 1st degree burglary for touching 4 door handles of a locked police cruiser (allegedly)

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  5. Alvah Jr was arrested today for the trespassing and indecent exposure charges. The deputy with the DUI is Alvah Jr son.


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