I Hate to Say “I Told You”….

Since late 2015, I postulated that Mark Smith of the Manning Sex Case would “walk” away from these crimes. On Thursday last week, that theory was proven true. I have been distressed to come up with a post in response to this crazy ass decision.  The way this case played out was more odious than I could have never perceived the events as they manifested. Not only did this degenerate “walk”, but he was found “not guilty”.  He can NEVER be held accountable for the crimes known to have been committed against Brittany Cutting or Kaitlyn and Kayla Rogers. How could that be possible? Ask Sir David.  He is the puppeteer of this tragedy.

I can hear people saying, under their breathe, that I blame Sir David for the rain. If only that were so. It would be easier to dismiss me and this post by saying I am on a crusade against what I perceive is the Devil himself. Regrettably the Devil himself could not evoke the despondency Sheriff Morgan has in the heart of girls whose only sin was the family they were born into.

I cannot make a more compelling case for the imprisonment of Mark Smith. I have put document after document out there that support the predatory nature of this man’s heart. I’ve asked the question as to how he got a badge to begin with. He was discharged from the US Navy due to a “Personality Disorder”. He explains he was young and threatened suicide. However, being familiar with military protocol, I know you don’t get out of your obligation to serve that easily. For this reason for discharge, there must have been evidence to justify that Smith was a LIABILITY to the service.

Furthermore, a fellow cop who has 15 years experience in criminal investigations was persuaded to investigate a colleague. Not only that but he convinced a judge, who most certainly was apprehensive in issuing the search warrant, to find cause to effectively shred the credibility of deputy. For this case to be so compelling as to have an investigator come forward on his own as well as a judiciary who finds legal sufficiency to go after a law enforcement officer is HUGE.

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To question the judgment of the arresting officer, Zack Ward is question all cases in his 15 years of service at the Sheriff’s office, including the Billings Case. If the evidence Inv. Ward found was not legally sufficient in the eyes of the jury, how could it have been sufficient for the State Attorney?  The question here is who dropped the ball.In a press conference BEFORE THE MANNINGS WERE ARRESTED, Morgan says:

 We received some information downloaded from computer systems involving this case,” said Morgan. “We have over 100,000 images that have to be reviewed in addition to videotapes. As you can well imagine what a labor-intensive process that’s going to be for us to go through all of that material.”

This means there were images from Smith, Thomas and/or the victims. Yet in a Facebook conversation 10/4/15 with Eric Haines, Chief Deputy of the ECSO, he says:

 I unloaded on him including attacking his religiosity.  But the point is clear, Morgan says there were videos and images

but NOW Haines says, there aren’t any videos and pictures. No video or picture evidence was presented to the jury.

What happened to them?

I’ve asked the question as to how he got a badge to begin with. He was discharged from the US Navy due to a “Personality Disorder”. He explains he was young and threatened suicide. However, being familiar with military protocol, I know you don’t get out of your obligation to serve that easily. For this reason for discharge, there must have been evidence to justify that Smith was a LIABILITY to the service.

IN ADDITION, lest we forget my post from over a year ago:


Erin Ambrose is the starting point because the entirety of the story seemingly circles back to her. She is also the person in this story with the most influence and has the greatest obligation to do the right thing. Her job title and ethical responsibility is higher than the rest and her part in this story is the most egregious. This is not an isolated incident for the State Attorney’s office. They have been more concerned with covering things up rather than pursuing justice. This is case merely epitomizes what happens on a day to day basis under Bill Eddins and his cronies.

Ms. Ambrose, Assistant State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit, is engaged to a deputy by the name of Jason Young (Jason Von Ansbach Young).

10697416_10100595171443963_3087119126674280417_o (1) Jason is probably the least culpable of the bunch. While he is an adult and a law enforcement officer, which, in and of itself, carries responsibility for serving and protecting the public, he is not an active participant in endangering children; he is, however, complicit.

Jason’s brother and soon-to-be best man in his wedding in January is Ryan Von Ansbach Young, an ex-deputy who is married to Mindy Von Ansbach Young, a current Lieutenant at the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.


The Von Ansbach Youngs have foster children as well as their own children. Ryan Von Ansbach Young posted bail for his wife’s colleague, Mark Smith on 3/09/2015. This act which had to be known by the Sheriff’s Office due to the hand in hand relationships they have with bail bondsmen. If they did not know, it is because they did not want to know. Having a deputy, Ryan’s wife, suborning the release of a child sex offender, by extension, shows complicity of the entire organization for which she and her family represent. This is also the caveat that Ms. Ambrose falls prey to.

It is telling that this impropriety and the ability to connect this sort of deviant, sex offender with the people who are supposed to police and cage these monsters. Cozying up with them off the clock shows how little regard they have for the humanity they are supposed to be protecting. Of course, this gives a bad message to all that have knowledge of it. Of course, it de-legitimizes the entire criminal justice system in Pensacola, because cronyism trumps proper handling of criminal cases. This is the downfall of the entire community.


The malfeasance is that with all these children in their home, the Von Ansbach Youngs, all current or prior law enforcement professionals, allow a sex offender into their home. They allow said offender to come and go freely with children in the home.

Sr. Deputy Mark SmithEscambia Sheriff's K-9 tops at national trials - Studer Community Institute.clipular

The sex offender, who should not have contact with children is Mark Smith, an ex-Senior Deputy of the Escambia Sheriff’s Office. He is awaiting adjudication currently for multiple counts of sexual battery/rape of children over 16 and under 21, which has been minimized through the State Attorney’s office. Most counts being reduced to misdemeanors, even though there is video evidence of his impropriety as well accounts of sexual misconduct against others that the Sheriff’s dept. refused to acknowledge (See my post “Where’s Gavin?“)

Coming full circle back to Erin Ambrose, who is SUPPOSED to be an advocate of the children molested, battered and raped by  Walter Thomas and of course Mark Smith, who were both Escambia County Deputies at the time of the offenses.

10473866_10204243856329120_2942019695593477156_n 1015429_10200868804664193_937361007_o

The most malicious of the acts in the fact that not only is Ms. Ambrose violating her position as Assistant State Attorney by being involved personally with a case she is prosecuting but she is closely entangled in this family that neglects their moral and ethical duties as servants of the county and officers of the court to protect children against exposure to child sex predators. She knows what happens in this close knit family that she is about to become apart of and is aware of Smith’s consistent presence in the home as well as his “access” to the children. That is a conflict of nature that corrupts the entire justice process.

The girls victimized by these sexual predators are not being protected by the system. The system is more interested in covering its as. In addition to this situation, regarding this same case, Sheriff David Morgan effectively endowed Gulf Coast Kids House with $50K for a new wing AFTER he personally became aware of the abuse of his deputies on children. This was a stop-gap measure to preemptively control the reaction of the Gulf Coast Kids House when the story inevitably became public. These two organizations colluded to sweep this incident under the rug with Gulf Coast Kids House turning a blind eye to the additional victims that may have been affected by the deputies that Sheriff Morgan failed to investigate.


This is the price of silence in Escambia County. 

With my head bowed, I say “I was right”. 

The boundaries of victimization is overwhelming & this check shows you how justice is bought & paid for in Escambia County. 

11 thoughts on “I Hate to Say “I Told You”….

    1. Then you don’t know the whole story. He lured them, drugged them and one woke up. But there was video of the encounter. A judge believed the girls. No reason to think it did not happen.


      1. Clearly you don’t know the whole story, please stop acting as though you do. The “he drugged us” story changed multiple times… so which version of this “truth” are you referring to?


      2. Zach wards. And his fate after that. The fact “Mark”” isn’t guilty but “Mike is in your version. Plus the other people and evidence like the eval of Mark by yuhasz and the military. The abuse of his wife, the lack of denial about being bff’s with an ICE dealer who kidnapped his son, the attempted rape and taunting of that child’s mother? You’re not denying anything but the twins. What about Brittany?

        Since you didn’t attack anything else, please tell me why he is not guilty of this with his pattern of abuse and sexual deviance? Sex offenders are permanently broken; as a criminal psychological researcher and knowing the sex parties with Leah and Morgan’s close association to the Rogers girls and Leah evidenced by puppy “Morgan” given to them by him, Leah gave me Morgan’s personal cell number to prove she had been in touch with him. What about the cloud drive of sexual escapades she uploaded including Mark and Morgan on the same video? care to guess how that played out? Any remarks?


  1. It’s all fine and dandy that you think this, but I know for a fact that the girls made it all up, their story changed multiple times in regard to mark smith. He didn’t do any of what they said to him and multiple witnesses were brought in to prove that the girls made the entire altercation up. How can you say that mark did all of these things when even those accusing him were’;t able to keep their story straight?


    1. It’s like this. I believe the Zach ward version—not his testimony in court or depo, but the fear he felt when “his family was in danger” for not deleting the DVR which resulted in his demotion. There are a number of deputies that came to me independently and 1 person outside the agency close to many whom I trust because he has been able to get people to talk about the corroborative crap in the agency like Smith. Btw how come there is no denial about the connection to Mike Cancienne or the attempted rape of Michelle Clarke? What about the taunting of Michelle about her son Gavin?? Mark did that right? Pattern of bullying, unstable behavior with deviant forceable sexual tendencies everything but the sex pattern can be altered with therapy. Sexual predator CANNOT BE REHABILITATED.

      Now please tell me why 3 young girls, Leah and Zach plus all the people who saw and heard what happened to him, not to mention the abusive behavior witnessed with his wife, and his psychological evaluation by the military are all faulty and Mark is being persecuted? I’m waiting.


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  3. Mark Smith is a criminal with a badge and that entire sheriff’s office needs brought to justice. In 2003 my brother-in-law was shot 4 times by Mark Smith. The sheriff’s officers fired a total of 13 rounds killing Paul Gordon Thayer. They say they have video evidence of him pointing a gun at officers and and the officers say a loaded gun was found at the seen. An eye witness gave a completely different account to the Tampa Bay Times. The family has asked to see the video but has been repeatedly denied. Any help in obtaining this would be appreciated. We live in Oregon so getting this out of Florida has seemed imposable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate you sharing. I absolutely agree. I’m sorry for your issues. Smith was not cop material. He was a predator. I can say I know where he is and what he’s doing. He is not a cop but predators find a way. He seems to date women with children. That is disturbing but maybe they will find the truth before Smith hurts anyone else.


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