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Why Chief Deputy is Wrong About Crime Stats

It is denigrating for him to say “your bad ass kids cause crime and don’t call the police, fix it yourself”.

***Correction**** Webster University Confirms Degree but Not Program

This morning I received a reply after providing more identifying information in regards to Sir David. Hi Ms. Staley, Thelbert D. Morgan is a graduate of Webster University.  He received his Master of Arts degree in Business Administration on 3/9/1979.  He completed his coursework at our McConnell Air Force Base campus.  The MBA program did…

Webster University Confirms No Degree

I previously posted about the National Student Clearinghouse reporting  that there was no record of David Morgan (Thelbert David Morgan) as being a graduate. In an effort to confirm or verify this information, I contacted Webster University directly. I spoke with Ms. Geraldine Lovejoy, yesterday April 11th, 2016.  Ms. Lovejoy confirmed that not only was…